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Our mission is to provide arts and crafts programs for hospitalized children while providing financial assistance for families who can not afford the cost of their child's medical care. We also support and allocate money directly to local children’s hospitals to help them in furthering their ongoing programs.

Painting for Cures makes a difference, whether through a paintbrush or through financial aid.
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 Our Mission
 Our Philosophy
Our organization is what we like to call "family run" that meaning all our events, administrative duties and such are split up between our friends, family, and volunteers. We do this to ensure that all donations and funds are going directly to where they are most needed, to the children. Our board members and volunteers do not receive any compensation for any of the duties they perform for Painting for Cures, except the gratitude we see in the faces of the children in which we have worked with.

Our fundraising money is split up between our different programs and needs. Fundraising dollars are split through our various programs. One of the key areas of is our Arts & Crafts workshops. Through Arts & Crafts workshops we are able to work with children one on one with art projects which at the end of the day we hope they create something they are proud of and more importantly Instill the itch to want to explore the arts more. We allocate money for independent financial counseling. Currently that includes out Closure Support Program which gives grants to families for burial costs and other costs associated with the passing of an ill child. The Child Life Program is another area where we will consistently contribute our raised capital. Established as a nonprofit organization in 1982, the Child Life Council represents a group of trained professionals with expertise in helping children and their families overcome life’s most challenging events. Child life specialists are vital members of a multidisciplinary team in most large pediatric facilities, as well as many smaller pediatric inpatient units.
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