Through the arts and crafts workshop we are able to use art education to heal the soul, increase confidence, and improve self esteem. Our team is able to interact with the children and let their imagination take off. We hope to free their minds of the everyday reality of being confined to a hospital. Our children’s arts and crafts workshop enables us to offer our supporters a chance to come along, help with our workshop, and create lasting bonds with these special children. The workshops typically run between one and two hours depending on the type of art program and the ages of the children who are involved. Some of our fun and most successful workshops include “Create your own T-shirt”, “Paper Bag Puppets”, and good old finger painting. We strive to provide our workshops quarterly, with future intentions to increase the frequency of these events.
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Children’s Arts and Crafts Workshops
Closure Support Program
Everyday there are families across the nation who have found themselves having to bury a child, but without the ability to meet the financial obligation for burial. Painting for Cures realizes this problem and has made it a priority to help these families in need.The Painting for Cures’ Board of Directors will factor in all the requirements and award our grants to the families we feel meet our requirements the best, and in accordance to available program funds. The Painting for Cures Closure Support Program steps in when family members cannot afford to pay for the burial of their child. Under this program burial assistance funds are limited to a maximum of $1,000 per deceased child or the amount of the funeral expense. The Board of Directors shall verify that any items submitted are allowable expenses under the Closure Support Program guidelines before processing any burial funds request. For more details about the Closure Support Program and/or an application for funds assistance please contact us at:
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